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At what point in systems development should security controls be implemented?  What are the critical risk factors that many organizations fail to overcome?  How should your organization implement due care to mitigate risk?  How often should vulnerability scans be run to best make risk based decisions?  How are virtual systems secured and is there security in the Cloud?  These are some of the questions that must be answered to provide a level of confidence that data and information is not just secure but controls are implemented with a standard of information assurance.  While no system can be 100% risk free of threats, Override Technologies can provide you with the services and expertise to ensure that your organization exercises due diligence to implement the security controls to safeguard information and be compliant with Federal laws, regulations, standards and guidance.  This is true because at Override Technologies we replace the functionality of the old mentality of doing business and protecting data.  Our approach to Information Assurance is systemic and cyclic because with us, 
"Cyber Security is a Cycle-of-Life"