"                                                                "Where in the Cloud Are You?"

Whether you use cloud services for personal or for small business data storage, an alternative or an addition to your current cloud solution should be Private Cloud storage.  With the increase in popularity of cloud data storage, so is the increase of the concern of: 
  • Which cloud is my cloud and is my data in a data center or in a basement.
  • Another concern is what if the service provider goes out of business or suffers a disaster. 
  • Will your or your client's data recover and how is it secured?

Get a
Personal Cloud
Control and navigate in and around your Private Cloud. You decide and provide who has access and to what with your Private Cloud
  • Your personal cloud will be located in your home or small office
  • Access your Private Cloud from anywhere and from any device (including smartphones and tablets - Android and IOS)
  • Use it as backup to your existing cloud or as your primary cloud
  • When you move, your Private Cloud moves with you

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